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Public Safety News

February 3, 2017

RCS High School Academy Window Opens

PSA Night

The window for 8th grade students to apply to a High School Academy of their choice has opened. Current Academy staff and students spoke with 8th grade students in each of the four attendence zones. Academy saff and students were on hand at the parent information nights at each academy during the week of January 30th. Pictured above are Chief Evans, Ms. Betty Cardwell and Principal, Richie Weaver fielding questions from parents and students at the conclusion of the Public Safety Academy information night held on January 30. Click here for more information on the options that are available to rising ninth grade students.

January 23, 2017

EMT has landed at RCHS!


The Public Safety program at Rockingham County High Schools has expanded to include Emergency Medical Technician training. Rockingham County Schools welcomes veteran EMT instructor, Ms. Betty Cardwell as the teacher of the classes. Pictured above is Ms. Cardwell along with some of her EMT students in front of the Baptist Aircare Helicopter. Thanks to the Baptist Aircare team for providing our students with this experience.

October 21, 2016

Rockingham County High School will add a Criminal Justice pathway to its Public Safety Academy next year. The intent of the pathway is to grant students the possibility of completing several Rockingham Community College classes while still in high school that would count toward an Associate's Degree in Criminal Justice. (Above) A team of RCS staff members and RCC staff members met on October 21st to work out the plan. Notes from the meeting can be found here: Meeting Notes(I.A.3f)

March 6, 2016

Fire Fighting at RCHS


"Fire Technology is an important and popular class in our school as well as across our state. It is no secret that majority of rural fire departments are facing a shortage of volunteer firefighters. In the past several years the training requirements to become a firefighter have been on the rise, currently up to near 300 hundred hours of training. Most adults working jobs and raising families simply do not have time to complete the training. We have a very unique opportunity to offer these certifications to our students while they have the time to earn them. Hopefully helping to help with the shortage of firefighters across our state." Chief Joshua Evans

January 27, 2016


Ms. Joan Tatum, Chief Josh Evans and Ms. Rosalina Webster were on hand to present information concerning the Public Safety Academy to the parents of potential students. Excitment is growing around the prospects of the academy going forward. The leadership of Chief Evans and Ms. Tatum will be critical to the academy's continued growth; and with the addition of Ms. Webster the academy appears to be headed in the right direction.

EMT: Coming Soon!

David Barbour from the Department of Public Instruction along with representatives from Rockingham County Schools, Rockingham Community College, Rockingham County Emergency Management met to plan for the creation of an EMT component of the Rockingham County High School's Public Safety Academy. Stayed tuned!